Nov 6, 2008

What is pushup for?

One could think, that the pushup is supposed to make your bust bigger. Well, it will work this way only, if this is the pushup in the right size. If it’s not... Take a look.


In the first (left) picture we can see our model in an 80B pushup with 2cm thick “silicone” pads. Believe me, I’ve chosen the best of all the photos. In the second one (right) – our model is wearing a mist thin half-cup (Chantelle Africa), 70E, no padding at all. One thing is sure – the pushup is not visually enlarging breasts. Even, if it is 2cm thicker than the other bra.

 (The idea of comparing the look in different size bras was taken from Stanikomania).

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