Nov 2, 2008

My Story

My acquaintance with the group promoting bra-fitting started two years ago. When browsing Polish forums I found one about why is the good bra size so important. I read it carefully and even told to my husband: “You know, many women with bigger breasts have problems that can be solved by simply choosing a good bra. Fortunately, they organize themselves to help each other, they exchange experiences, wow, that is really impressive. Good luck that girls with no bust at all, wearing 80B don’t have to worry about such things”. In other words, I completely missed the point.

Quite a long time later my online friends started a discussion about clothes and one of them mentioned her experience with searching a good bra. She admitted that she was wearing 75B all her live but now, fortunately, has found a good size. What? What can be wrong with 75B? I read again the website she pointed to and I eventually measured myself. I was looking at the new size with disbelieve, but the next day I decided to give it a try. I went to a shop. It wasn’t too good of a shop, because when I tried the smallest available band with the biggest available cups (“UP to BIG CUPS”) I could see that the band is too loose and the cup is not fitting properly.

 Some days later I found a better shop with better choice. I bought two beautiful bras, one white, one dark. I threw my old lingerie to the drawer with unused clothes. I started reading “specialists” blogs. I was greeting all of my girlfriends with news “do you know what I found out recently?!”

 I live in Switzerland and soon I became jealous, that in Poland you can so easily exchange experience and here there is no one that shares my hobby. That’s why this blog is created – so that I can share the good news with my CH friends. I will focus on the problems you may have living here.

 If you speak Polish, you’ll find all the information you need and additionally a lot of support and help on those forums: or – take a look also at the blogs recommended on those pages. 

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