Nov 30, 2008

Bra-fitting - now even simpler!

I wrote some time ago about an online tool that calculates the bra size that should be good for you. If you find digging into Polish website difficult, here goes something simpler for you.

Bra sizes table – with two tabs, one for calculating the size used by British producers, one for the so called “EUR size”.

The measurement rules are the same:

  1. Measure yourself below the bust, very tightly, without the air in your lungs. Find your size in the top row.
  2. Measure yourself rather loosely in the bust in the widest place – without a bra or with a soft (not padded) – and take the bigger number. Find your size in the left-most column.
  3. You’ll find your size in the intersection of “your” column and “your” row.
  4. Cross rule (+):
    1. If the band seems too loose, but the cups are ok: try left cell size.
    2. If the bra is too tight, try the right cell (or bigger cup – lower cell. Sometimes we think the band is too tight, but actually it's cups that are too small).
    3. If the band is ok, but cups are too small – try lower cell.
    4. If the band is ok, but cups are too big – try the upper cell (be sure to check if you put all the breast into the cups).


Let’s say your size below bust is 72cm, and in bust 86cm. Here is the cell with your size:

And here are the cells where you can look for alternative sizes, if the one you are trying is not good (or if you know that the bra you are interested in is especially tight or loose):


eternalvoyageur said...

Super table !!! I love the way you can switch from EU to UK sizes.

I have a blog in which I have some posts on bra fitting here:

I have linked to you, would you link to me ? Thanks !

Pozdrowienia z LMB !

nikusz said...

there's also an English version of Mariska's bra-fitter

Maheda said...

Great job! Could you please contact me using my regular gazeta address?
Best regards, Maheda :)

Ewa said...


The brafitting table looks nice, but... Add the information about taking some cm-s from the below-bust measurement. Ie. I'm 86 below bust, but anything bigger than 32 (70) is too loose for me, and lately I found a 32 which was too loose (Panache Sienna Mint). So I'll be buying a 30 soon...

Lingerie said...

Brilliant table, its good to be able to find the 'EUR' size as european lingerie brands are becoming more popular.
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