Nov 19, 2008

Heidi goes shopping: La Senza in MANOR

Eventually some (quite) good news for women that need 65 band (but have not too big bust).

Summary: (what does this mean?)

Bands: ***
Cups: *
Prices: $$

La Senza is a British company that is famous for having rather tight bands in their bras. They have a corner in a MANOR lingerie department in Zurich (Banhofstrasse), the place that will definitely go to the blacklist– a list of places that you should never go for the sake of your sanity if you know anything about bra sizes. However, they happen to have some shelves with La Senza bras. Strange, very strange. My personal guess is that it’s only because La Senza uses UK sizes, so MANORA simply did not realize, that 32 means actually 70 (the band that is hard or even impossible to find on any other shelves on the whole floor). And probably they think, that DD means “big D”, even if it is simply something like european E.

They sell bras with bands starting with 70 (32) – but actually those 32 bands are very tight. They are really produced for people with 70 cm under bust, so if all other bras in Zurich were too loose for you (and you are not willing to go for online shopping yet) – try La Senza. But before you get too excited: the cups go only up to DD (european E) and most of the bras are padded (although I’ve seen some soft ones). The producer have a rather good reputation among slim girls with really small bust.

And maybe, maybe, if more and more clients start asking about 30D/30DD they will order it one day, still not aware that it’s something that does not fit their “conservative” image... 

P.S. La Senza has their "corners" in MANOR shopping centers in many Swiss cities - check the list on their web page. But please, if you visit their page, close your eyes and quickly skip the intro. The girls on the first page is, well, a perfect example of a terribly too small bra. I have a feeling that it desires a speciall entry in this blog... Coming soon.