Nov 3, 2008

Poor girl from HB

Have you seen the huge ad of Calida underwear on the Zurich HB?

Take a closer look at it, when walking by next time. Below is an example of another Calida ad. I’ve chosen Calida on purpose – it’s quite popular in Switzerland, and is proud of selling only 75-95 A-D bras. We already know that it is a very poor choice.

What’s wrong with this girl? – you may ask.  There is nothing wrong with the girl, but there is a lot of “wrongness” with her bra. 

  1. The underwire. When in the bathroom, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Check where your breast “starts” on the side. For most women this line will be more or less below the armpit. That’s where the underwire should go. It does not start so far to the middle as the model has it – actually she is cutting a part of her breast with the underwire.
  2. The band. Can you see, that it goes upward on the back?
  3. The band again: can you really imagine, that it is supporting something? Would it be difficult to put a hand below it?
  4. The cups. Now just imagine that the model takes a breast in a hand and tries to place it into the cup (instead of just covering it below the cup). What would happen? Wouldn’t half of the breast go out and the other half be squeezed? It seems so.

Now take a look at another bra, this time the right size on the model with similar shapes. This one is made by Freya, a company famous for producing underwear in proper sizes. The bra presented below is "Millie" and is produced starting with 65 band and (starting, not finishing!) C cup.

Which of them do you think is more comfortable?

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