Nov 17, 2008

Heidi goes shopping: Triumph

Triumph is probably the most famous lingerie company (and they say its repute is mostly exaggerated). Anyway, if you want to buy any underwear from this producer, I recommend going to any of their own shops (full list on their web pages) instead of simply visiting a lingerie department in a shopping center like Manor, Globus or Jelmoli, as they tend to treat D as a biggest cup (and even sometimes 75 as a smallest band).

Summary: (what does this mean?)

Bands: *
Cups: **
Prices: $$

It may come as a surprise, but Triumph recently started producing some of its collections up to G cups (the bands still start with 70). The choice of D+ cuts is not impressive, but you may be able to find something for you. All the “bigger cups” bras are rather simple, aimed for everyday use. They usually are “fuller” and less tempting in those sizes.

What surprises me is that all bras offered in bigger sizes have different style/cut. I was able to find only one model that looked good on me. On one hand it probably means, that everyone lucky enough to fit into Triumph’s sizes table will find something for her. On the other hand – that may be the only fitting bra for you.

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